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What is the value for me to attend an Executive Event?

A GEN Executive event affords you the opportunity to experience peer-to-peer discussions with other high caliber executive attendees over 4–5 hours in a private high quality content environment.

What business GEN is in?

GEN - The Global Executive Network is a global provider of high-quality Executive Events for senior business professionals, covering current trends for industry-focused and management-related topics. Each year, more than 10,000 senior management guests of the world’s largest 34,000 companies participate in GEN's Executive Events.

Who controls GEN?

Established in 1990, GEN remains an independent, privately held company providing high end B2B services. GENs' main stakeholders are experts with background in event management, logistics, business processes and data management.

What countries does GEN operate in?

The company operates in 90+ countries and 45+ languages native level. Over 5.000 impressions find here.

What event topics GEN is focused on?

GEN is focused on the 30 major industries and on all relevant management related topics.

What are the attendees' expectations?

Attendees' expectations are met through an interactive and discussion driven setting during the whole event. Several hundred feedbacks of attendees please find here.

What GENs' Professional Council stands for?

GENs' Professional Council is a strategic quality assurance initiative for each Executive Event. Details please find here.

Why do I get an invitation?

You are invited because of your business profile.

How do I get an invitation for another event?

Send an email to Ines Henriques ( and specify the topics and areas you are interested in.

In what language are the Executive Events held?

Executive Events are held in local language and conversations are conducted in local language and English as well.

Is there a limitation of participants per event?

All events are limited to a number of executive guests only.

What are the cost to attend?

Participation is always By Invitation Only and complimentary.

How is GEN financed?

GEN is an international service provider for high caliber senior management level Executive Events around the globe. All Executive Events are financed by the speaker of the event, which is always a leading expert on the subject matter.

Where can I find photographs of past Executive Events?

Thousands of pictures of our most recent Executive Events can be viewed here.

How does the agenda of the Executive Event look like?

Agenda of the evening please find here.

Agenda of the Virtual Executive Round Table please find here.

What venues are selected?

GEN selects 5 star venues only for all Executive Events, always located down town. Impressions of dozens of venues here.

What is the Privacy Policy of GEN?

Details of GENs Privacy Policy please find here.

What data are required from GEN for me to attend?

Business data only are required for an executive attendee to attend.


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