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Pre-Executive Dinner Events are an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded executives at impeccable cultural hotspots.

Wine Cellar Tasting | September 2023 (PDF)

Feedback of Executives having attended Pre-Executive Dinner Events

"Very experienced and passionate sommelier who was able to answer all questions that were raised. Great flair of the wine cellar - very exclusive and has a brought range of wines. The GEN representative was present at the start of the tour as well as accompanied the tour and guided us well to the dinner location afterward."

Head of Procurement
Vienna, Austria

"The sommelier was very knowledgeable and gave an outstanding presentation of the treats in the wine cellar of Palais Coburg. The wine cellars at the Palais Coburg are worth a visit of its own and indulge in the historical flair of the building with the modern touch of an organized wine cellar. The support of GEN was outstanding from a warm welcome until the delivery of the our participants to the Executive Dinner location."

Head of Payment Services
ASFINAG Maut Service
Vienna, Austria

"Thank you for the Executive Dinner well organized with the introductory part (wine cellar tasting tour) starting in a historic setting (Palais Coburg). The dinner presentations of the well selected parties served as an inspiring kick off for more in-depth discussions to follow. The participants represented a diverse group of backgrounds with a mindset of sharing and learning from each other. The moderation was very professional and provided the basis for a friendly atmosphere. Many thanks for the informative evening."

Sr. Director Biorefinery & Co-Products
Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft
Lenzing, Austria